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Calculating your income

When you sell an item on Die-Art, the total purchase price is made up of your item price plus Die-Art fee to the buyer. You’ll earn your item price minus any Die-Art creator fees. Those creator fees are dependent on whether you sell exclusively and your all-time sales to date. The more you sell, the more you’ll make.


Login and Register Widget

You can provide your users with simple Login and Register widget which doesn’t have to be used only in sidebars but also in content thanks to Widget Area element. After user is logged in, it becomes his simple administration panel with quick useful links.

(first widget has only presentation functionality)

Author’s Personalized Blog

Registered users have ability to customize their personal blogs. They can set their custom background of the page, they can write anything about themselves and put anything they want into their profile via WYSIWYG editor.

If author doesn’t have any posts yet, you can set a custom content for him as a welcome page and separated welcome content for public visitors. Here are some example contents.


Author’s Welcome Screen

Welcome, this is your blog

It seems you haven’t written any post yet. But take it easy, we should recommend you firstly to customize it over here. You can write something about you in bio section or set your own avatar.

How To Personalize My Blog

Go to your account settings by clicking on Account in the right sidebar. There you can see all available settings for you profile.
We picked some interesting ones:

  • Set your full name and change how it will be displayed on public
  • Upload your own avatar
  • Set your custom background for your blog
  • Write some biographical info about yourself or whatever you want
  • Share your contact info of any kind

All settings are recommended but optional.

New PostHow To Write a Blog Post

Click on the Add Post button in the right sidebar below your avatar. It will redirect you to admin where you can see a list of all your posts. Next to the title there is a button for writing new one as shown in the picture. If you are familiar with WordPress, you can also use a toolbar or use “” url directly.

After writing your first post, this welcome screen will be replaced by your bio and posts itself. Below you can also find a map with all your posts marked if you have set a location in your blog post.

You can look at the other authors and get inspired too:

All Authors

Visitor’s Welcome Screen


It seems this author hasn’t written
any post yet

You can look at the other authors too:

All Authors Back to Blog

Showcase Your Authors

With Authors Element you can easily display all authors of your website including your admins. You can determine which ones will be displayed and you can set their order by name, count of posts, registration date or random. There are many other options for element with which you can enable or disable author’s background, avatar, posts count, bio and social icons. Authors can be displayed in box or list layout.

See All Options Examples

With Blog Authors Widget you can easily show any author in sidebars with some display options too.