About Die-Art

Where die-cut be smart..

Die-Art is a member of Pixeleator. Die-Art connect clients with the most creative minds in the world who create die-cuts.
Our site and services help millions of people around the world.

Die-Art Creator


Die-Art creators are a part from Die-Art structure, partners of our success, so when we talk about Die-Art we must talk about those creative and value creators too.

Die-Art Buyer


Die-cuts are very expensive and you can’t find a professional creator of them in limited area, so that we provided many creators from around the planet to show you their professional and creative works.

Creators & creatives from all over this planet are responsible for the work you see here.. 

PixeleatorPixeleator.com is the mother company of Die-Art, Xeptter & Vizghada.

XeptterA member of Pixeleator.com, Xeppter is a programming company create special programs & apps.

VizghadaA member of Pixeleator.com, Vizghada is a guide app & website for Hurghada residents & tourists.